The Rockford Advantage

Down to Earth Values

The best strategy for delivering value to our customers is through a mix of inspired and innovative thinking with a foundation of values and commitment. This is Rockford.

Safe and Sound

Intelligent design and class leading workmanship cannot happen without a deep commitment to safety. Rockford is COR certified and requires that all trade partners working on our sites are safety certified. We will not compromise the welfare of our stakeholders.

Rockford implements health and safety metrics to ensure local and national standards are met or surpassed and the safety and well-being of the Rockford team is advanced at all times.

Sustainability: A Brighter Future

Complementing our rigorous safety protocols is a comprehensive sustainability program. This includes construction waste recycling, the use of repurposed building materials, when applicable, and energy reduction strategies both on-site and in the office.

Rockford seeks solutions that are not only sustainable and environmentally sound but are also beneficial to communities, customers and neighbours. These results are economically viable, measurable and safe to implement with the latest technology to build greener homes.

Our Greatest Reward…

Recognition from industry peers and homeowners validates the tremendous effort we put into making Rockford one of Alberta’s finest builders and highlights our consistent performance in the business. Awards remind us that setting the standard for quality and service is a continuous process, one that results in a lifetime of enjoyment and pride for thousands of Albertans and their families. While accolades make us feel good about our work, it’s our commitment to craftsmanship and honest values that really motivates us. Our greatest reward is not one that can be placed on a shelf, but the joy and excitement on our customers’ faces when we hand over the keys to their new homes.

Commitment to Quality and Service

Our mastery at Rockford leads to a better building experience. For over two decades, we have consolidated quality construction with outstanding service into award winning projects.

With quality and service, we walk the walk. Our Service and Warranty Program consists of checks to ensure your home is functioning as it should when we hand you the keys, and through its first year.

Giving Back

We never forget what underpins our success at Rockford – people. Giving back to the communities that have supported us over the years is vital to our business and values. Rockford is proud to contribute to many local and national organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Alberta Children’s Hospital, Ride to Conquer Cancer, Compassion Canada, Youth With a Mission, and MS Society. Donating expertise and labour to help those less fortunate is a rewarding experience for all involved.

Past Successes

The measure of a builder can be found in words and ideas but also in past projects. Rockford’s 3000 units are no small feat. A sample of various projects is provided here, but perhaps the best way to connect with Rockford is to meet with a representative and tour a project. We’re confident we will leave a lasting impression with our insights, ideas and ideals, and install confidence that your building partner is grounded in quality and value.

Blue Sky Thinking. Down to Earth Values. This is Rockford.